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About Me

Welcome! My name is Erin and I am passionate about empowering you to reach your health and fitness goals.  With 20 years of professional fitness training experience, I offer a tailored one-on-one approach that builds strength, increases metabolism, and improves physical, mental and emotional well-being.


I was an avid athlete at a young age. I played competitive varsity soccer through high school and moved on to rowing at University of New Hampshire.  Along the way, I suffered multiple sports related injuries which challenged me mentally and physically.  I started strength training as part of physical therapy and quickly found it to be the most beneficial factor in my recovery - and for my overall well-being.  I went on to earn a degree in Exercise Science from University of New Hampshire and have since built a career helping others find health and empowerment through strength and fitness in both the gym and hospital settings. 


I believe that getting stronger physically leads to strength in every aspect of our lives. Not to mention the strength training journey is invigorating, empowering, sweaty and fun!  I'm looking forward to working with you.

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